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A day of Sasebo nursery school | Main image
Life at a nursery school in front of Sasebo Station
Penguin Group
Whale Group
1 day logo of the Penguin Group

Under-three group

Early morning class

Early morning childcare


Kids clean up

Morning class

Playing together and baby exercise mean skinship, which relaxes their bodies and minds for a good start to the day!

Children's rhythmic gymnastics
Mealtime for babies under one

Adjusted for monthly age

0-year-old child lunch

Clean-up / Toothbrushing


Snack time

Children's snack

Children begin leaving school


Extended class

Extended childcare
Timeline of Penguin Group
Penguin Group

Health check and temperature

Please let us know how they were last night and this morning, in detail. When we take their temperature, it’s always one-on-one, with eye contact.

Children's health

Snack time

Children's snack

Outdoor and planned activities

Nursery school

Mealtime for one- and two-year-olds

1~2-year-old child lunch

Storytime / Nap

Nap length varies with age

afternoon nap

Time to go home / Storytime


Combined class

Joint childcare
1 day logo of the Whale Group

Three and older group

Morning class / Rhythmical exercise

Early morning childcare for the Whale Group


Clean up the Whale Group

Walk and enjoy the four seasons of nature!

Farming vegetables in the field overlooking the ocean!

Special classes with special teachers!

Out-of-park childcare for the Whale Group


Toothpaste for the Whale Group


Whale group nap

Time to go home / Storytime

Whale group return party

Children begin leaving school

Picking up the Whale Group

Extended class

Extended childcare for the Whale Group
Timeline of Whale Group
Whale Group

Health check and temperature

Please let us know how they were last night and this morning.

Health of the Whale Group

Morning class / Rhythmical exercise

Whale group morning party


The delicious flavor of vegetables we grew ourselves!

Whale group lunch


Storytelling of the Whale Group

Snack time

Whale group snack

Mopping and dusting

The children themselves clean the room they spent the day in, learning to treat things with respect, and appreciate what they have received. It’s good exercise, too!

Whale group rag

Combined class

Joint childcare of the Whale Group

Late class / Snack

Remaining childcare | Nursery school in Sasebo