Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture | Sasebo Prefecture Nursery School | Facilities and the Environment

Sasebo nursery school facilities and environment | Main image
An AED device used by a childcare professional for children
Sprinkler essential for licensed nursery
Automatic lock protecting kindergarts

A comprehensive safety and crime-prevention system to protect your child

Fire sprinklers

Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

The disaster control center in Alpha Building, where the facility is located, is manned 24 hours a day.

Auto-lock doors

Childcare of a 5 year old child is an orange group
Childcare of a 4 year old child is an apple pair
Childcare of a 3 year old child is a grape group
Childcare of a 2 year old child is Banana pair
Toilet toilet training
The elder san's whale
Delivery room where nutritionist and meal staff make lunches
Mark of the feeding room
Nursery toilet | Pictogram

Preschool and Toddler room

The spacious kitchen provides meals for special events in each season, hand-made snacks, and baby food, with attention to individual allergy information.

Toilet-training is easy in the winter, too, with heated seats.

The facility also has a shower room.

Childcare of a 1 year old child is peach tie
Childcare of 0-year-old child is a melokki pair
The track used by the kindergarten when taking a nap
Penguin group of Yusaku-sho
Infant class toilet
Baby bottle for infants to drink milk
Daily nurseries where nursery teachers make milk
Nap racks

Handy nap racks can be easily washed and disinfected, for safe and secure naptimes.

Formula room

Infant room for children under 2