Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture | Saseboshi Station Nursery School | Summary

Our approach

We strive to accept each child individually, as they are, and treasure the moments of life and happiness they enjoy today. Recognizing that everything they experience today will form the basis of the rest of their lives, we review daily developments together, and sharpen our focus on the essential core of the school.

Director of nursery school teacher

School staff and child guardians cooperatively map out the best approach for each individual child, creating the optimal development environment.


Recognition of each child’s needs: we analyze each child’s development individually, and consider how to adjust our program to provide optimal learning and development opportunities.

Teaching goals

・ Incorporate fun into daily activity so children learn through experience

・ Nurture strong, sound bodies and minds

・ Nurture self-reliance and motivation through daily activity and play

・ Nurture interpersonal skills through daily interaction

Child goals

Creating bonds of trust between guardians and staff

Creating bonds of trust between guardians and staff
Open classrooms

Young children cannot adequately tell you about their days at nursery school, so we’ve designed the school with the youngest children located directly in front of the entrance. As you as you enter the building, you can see the entire room, and the environment the children play in.

Small class size

We keep class sizes small to ensure that we can fully protect the children, and provide each child with the love and care they need, working together with guardians to build and maintain the best possible environment.

Full transparency

We make every effort to keep you aware of daily activities and developments at the school, including things that may be difficult to express through the notebook alone. A portfolio explaining our goals, with photos and comments, is located at the front entrance, and guardians are welcome to come and see classes freely.

Nursery programs and preschool programs

Many people think that nursery school is just preparation for elementary school, but in fact nursery school and kindergarten programs are different. At Sasebo Preschool, we assist children in developing in a variety of ways, through daily life, through play, and through interaction with other people. They learn self-reliance and self-motivation, and build the foundations for future education.


Feb. 2, 2002

Opened “Chibikko Land Sasebo”

Feb. 2, 2005
Name changed to Sasebo Preschool

Nov. 14, 2012

Incorporated Sasebo Preschool Co., Inc. 

Feb. 23, 2015
Relocated to Alpha Plaza, Miura-cho, Sasebo

April 1, 2015

Licensed as child welfare facility

(nursery school)

(Nagasaki Pref. Directive 25 Komi No. 863)

Classes taught by specialists

Tuesdays        Exercise

Wednesdays   Swimming

Thursdays      Music

It is important that children use their whole body when playing, for proper child development. We stress physical activity from infancy, gradually expanding the repertoire as they develop to include hands, feet, standing, fingers, and toes.

Infant exercise
Rhythmical play

It is important that children use their whole body when playing, for proper child development. We stress physical activity from infancy, gradually expanding the repertoire as they develop to include hands, feet, standing, fingers, and toes.

We introduce children to the beauty and sensitivity of Japanese tradition with tea and sweets, teaching them the proper manner and motions.

Tea ceremony
The three pillars of education

Smiles around the globe

International Friendship Program

We take full advantage of the international environment of Sasebo, and the opportunities it offers to come into contact with other cultures. Children hear languages other than their native tongues in daily life, and explore the differences of various cultures as they play with their newfound friends. We also host friendship programs with local elementary schools.

Outdoor Activities

Feeling the sun and wind on their faces

Walking the path to school, hand-in-hand with friends as they feel the breezes of the changing seasons, helps children form the minds and bodies for tomorrow. They smell the soil and the flowers, stimulating their senses and feeling the great outdoors on a personal level as they play.

Dietary education

Touching the earth to better understand life

The children raise vegetables year-round in the field overlooking the sea off Higashihama-cho. By feeling the soil and raising plants from seedlings to harvest, they discover the bounty of the earth, and the importance of diet. The delicious aromas from the school kitchen attract them, stimulating curiosity about what dishes will be made from the vegetables they grew. Nursery staff and kitchen staff work together to help the children grow.

For a more complete, more capable school
Training new graduates

We emphasize that new graduates coming to our school for on-the-job training first learn how to be contributing members of society and caring people. Our emphasis is always “children first!” and training is carried out by the entire school staff.

Early Childhood Education internship

We have dispatch one staff member to Washington DC for a one-year internship in infant education, to better serve our multi-national children. And they also improve their English!