Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture | Sasebou Station front nursery school

English conversation learns naturall
Learn walk feeling the wind
From meals, snacks and lunch boxes t
Out-of-courier child care at a park in a nursery school in Sasebo
From an infant to an international sense with daily care
School meals and treats at Sasebo's authorized nursery school

Feeling the sun and wind on their faces

Smiles around the globe

Touching the earth to better understand life

The three pillars of education

Access to Sasebo station Nursery school

Sasebo Preschool

2nd Floor, Alpha Plaza

2-1 Miura-cho, Sasebo 857-0863

Tel: 0956-23-5599

School life

Community activity


Annual events such as the athletic meet of Sasebo station Nursery school
Sukusuku lunch room

Daily meals are introduced on Instagram